Friday, November 18, 2011

Only Light Drives Out Darkness

Those who defended Proposition 8's Constitutionality in court are now arguing against the release of videos of the trial, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

They're afraid that the videos could be spread in a one-sided manner, showing only snippets that make one side look bad. And by "one side" they apparently mean their own, since despite the neutral-sounding argument their opponents are arguing for the release of the videos.
But wait, which side is known for releasing one-sided videos, images, statements, and other modes of propaganda? Oh, I see... They don't need video of the actual trial to do it, since they use actors and lie a lot (like, not twisted stories or spin, but actual objective lying; a lot).

So, I guess it's true that releasing the videos makes one side look bad. Them. Because that's what happens when you see what they actually did. They look bad because, waitforitwaitforit, they are.

In the words of one of history's greatest men (King): Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that.
Let's shed some light on those who would prefer to act unseen in the darkness.

Take a look at these videos of potential pro-Prop 8 witnesses being asked questions under oath (by those mean ol' bullies who ask them things! The noive!). The fact that these guys lie a lot, objectively, and that they know it was incredibly obvious. Why? Because to lie here would've been perjury. So upon being asked a simple, direct yes or no question that she couldn't spin, one witness looked extremely pissed. "Yes" (the answer she didn't like, but which was, y'know, true), she hissed most venomously after a pause.
She was there to hurt queers. Not to argue the truth. And realizing that she was under oath and had to do the latter, she knew she couldn't do the former.
That's bad.

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